Terms of Use for Games


If you are going to make game play videos, broadcast live game play, or create secondary works, please read this page.


“The copyright of all information including characters, contents, dialogues and music of games created by Had2Apps and はどはど(HADHAD) belongs to this circle, collaborators and material creators.

As long as the content of the derivative work is within the scope of the customary means and content of “doujin”, it may be used freely without permission.

The copyright of the secondary works belongs to the secondary creators, and the Circle and the primary copyright holders shall not be held responsible for any trouble over the secondary works.


● Prohibit the use of in-game data other than snapshots.

A snapshot is a screenshot or a video of a play. Also, Do not process or edit them in a way that makes it difficult to notice the processing.

● Prohibit contents that are disadvantageous to our circle, primary authors and other authors.

The content of our games that may cause confusion due to intentional or malicious content is also prohibited.

● Do not mistake proper nouns.

● In the case of secondary works by companies, general distribution, general magazines, books, etc., permission must be obtained from our circle (with exceptions).

This includes use on pay-per-month channels. As exceptions, monetization through advertisements on YouTube videos and use of the Creator Incentive Program on Nico Nico Douga are permitted.

● If you have received special authorization from this Circle, state so.

In the case of videos or live broadcasts, please be sure to include this information. Exceptions can be made only in cases where there is no way to specify, such as cosplay.

● If you want to use Nico Nico Douga, please configure the content tree settings.

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Response to violators

As soon as we discover someone violating the terms of use, we may report them to the management of the various services or consider legal action, depending on the extent of the violation.


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These terms and conditions are subject to change or modification without notice.